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About Forever Moments       

“Forever Moments” is a collection of warm-hearted poems.  It is a collection that will causes each reader to reflect upon their innermost thoughts and feelings.  These words will move each reader to experience their own emotion through my expression of my own personal experience. 

“Forever Moments” speaks to the emotions common within all of us…it speaks of love in all of its many forms…from its ability to sneak up on us in every day events where we are less likely to recognize it, to our universal need to share love with others….

Each poem demonstrates, with its own tone, a different, yet common emotion.

Further, because of that realization, each reader is made able to better identify with all people on a deeper, more spiritual level.



About Shades of Love, Poetic Moments


Within the pages of this book of poetry, “Shades of Love; Poetic Moments,” you will be taken on a reflective journey of moments past and present.  Along this path, you will discover love, life, sadness and the many joys of living.

This collection of poetry reflects the influences of an individual, or a reflection of an incident that we‘ve all shared in our everyday lives. 

Conscientiously, our lives are shaped by the events that we encountered, and or the many journeys we travel to fulfill happiness and understanding.





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